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Kate C. Wilde

Director of
The Son-Rise Program®
  • Director of Global Outreach

  • Certified Son-Rise Program® Teacher and Teacher Trainer

  • Author of Autistic Logistics

  • Author of The Autism Language Launcher

Personal Statement

"I have spent my whole working life playing with children and helping families using

The Son-Rise Program®. My journey to the Autism Treatment Center of America® began when I just 13 years old when I watched the TV movie, Son-Rise: A Miracle of Love. This movie is the real-life story of The Founders of The Autism Treatment Center of America® and how they recovered their severely autistic son from Autism. It was that movie that inspired me to want to work with children on the autism spectrum.

It is now more than 35 years later, and my passion for our children and the Son-Rise Program® continues to grow. I have had the amazing honour to have worked with well over 1,500 children of different ages and diagnosis. I have had the privilege of helping families from all over the world, who continue to amaze me with their love and dedication for their beautiful children. I look forward to meeting you and helping you and your family thrive."

Fun Facts

Kate has an identical twin sister. She is British and loves to dance argentine tango.

Praise For Kate C. Wilde

“Kate’s knowledge of how to work with children is incredible.

She really drills down to specific ways to help our children.

When I asked a question I had really been struggling with she quickly helped

me see a great way to overcome my struggle.”
- Randy Rua, Self-Employed, Michigan

Child’s Name: Austin, Age: 9, Diagnosis: Autism



“I love Kate’s energetic spirit. Her passion for whatever the purpose of the class is contagious!

Her experience shows through the knowledge she shares.”

  - Marianne L. Mom, USA

Child’s Name: Lucas, Age: 8, Diagnosis: Autism



Kate was born to do this. She is a patient listener, and I defy anyone not to be inspired by her!

Kate has facilitated immeasurable change in our family.

- Jacqueline B., England

Child’s Name: David B, Age: 3 Diagnosis: Autism

Kate is animated and powerful in her explanations. What Kate says really sticks with me.

When I think I have a difficult question, she always has a response that makes sense

                          and is practical and very encouraging.                               

 - Joanne W. Mom, Belgium

Child’s Age: 2 years old,  Diagnosis: Autism


I learned a lot from Kate through questions answered, her wonderful passion,

                                      as well as her incredible knowledge of all aspects of The Son-Rise Program.                                              - Sarah B. Artist, USA

Children’s Names: Adam, Isaac,  Age: 8, 10,  Diagnosis: PDD

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