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Raun K. Kaufman

Director of Global Education for the 
Autism Treatment Center
of America®
  • Author of Autism Breakthrough

  • Degree in Biomedical Ethics, Brown University

  • Advisory Board Member, United States Autism & Asperger Association (USAAA)

  • Certified Son-Rise Program® Teacher and Teacher Trainer

    Personal Statement

"I have had the privilege of connecting with so many parents during my lectures internationally

and throughout the U.S., all of whom deeply love and want to help their children.

In this work with families and professionals, I also bring my own very personal experience.

As a young boy, I was diagnosed as severely autistic, with no language and a tested I.Q. under 30.

Although advised to institutionalize me, my parents, Barry Neil Kaufman and Samahria Lyte Kaufman,

instead developed The Son-Rise Program and worked with me for over three years,

enabling me to recover completely with no trace of my former condition.


Our story was recounted by my father in the best-selling book Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues,

and was later the subject of an award-winning NBC television movie Son-Rise: A Miracle of Love.

I went on to graduate from the Ivy League’s Brown University with a degree in Biomedical Ethics,

something that was never supposed to be in the cards for me.

In fact, it still astounds me that everything has come full circle -

that I can now help other children to step across the bridge I once crossed myself.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to reach out to people who are not yet aware

of the principles of The Son-Rise Program® through the articles I have written,

as well as through my discussions of autism in radio, television, internet, print interviews

and now in the online course.

As the future unfolds, I will continue to lecture and teach at universities, conferences,

and, of course, in many of the Autism Treatment Center of America’s on-site programs.

My cheers go out to all of the families working with such love and diligence

to help their special children."

Praise For Raun K. Kaufman

“Boy, can Raun work a room! He has great humor, and great energy, excitement, and enthusiasm.

He is so well informed, and concise and clear in his explanations. And yet this man is humble.”
     – Beverli E., Autism Professional, California Children: Collin, 5 years old; Sammy, 9 years old; Annie, 9 years old, Diagnosis: Autism

“Down to earth, humorous, intelligent, and heroic. An excellent public speaker.

Someone who actually managed to hold my attention for the entire two and a half hours-very rare!

The most interesting lecture I have ever attended-even after

studying a BA in Behavioral Studies and Philosophy!”
     – Georgina L., Child Facilitator, Australia

“Raun is so lovable.  He is also a dynamic and really quite brilliant teacher in his ability to convey

concepts in which he clearly truly delights.   He also makes himself personally vulnerable 

by sharing aspects of himself  and his experiences that he seems to imperfect

and that makes him an even more  effective teacher.”
     – Susan L., Son-Rise Program Mom, Massachusests

“Very articulate, funny, and very knowledgeable on the topic. He has a wealth of first-hand information on

how to reach children with autism. He was a great speaker as well. He kept it rolling and entertaining. 

It was good to be reminded that ‘stimming’ is a symptom-WOW, that changes everything.

Also, I need to focus on interaction rather than changing behaviors.”
     – Jennifer B., Special Educator, Maryland

“Razor sharp in his mind and wit; vast in his warmth and understanding toward and of others;

keen in his enthusiasm and skills of tickling everyone to stretch into their highest potential.”
     – Leeza S., Mentor, Germany

“Very dynamic, but incredibly real.  I could relate to Raun because he used words and examples

that I understood.   He took principles and concepts that were foreign to me

and made them simple to understand. He also uses his sharp sense of humor to help people

over the more difficult parts of an emotion or concept.   I got a lot out of his class and teaching style.”
     – Rebecca B., Director of Regional Centers, Massachusetts

“Brilliant! It’s common sense! It doesn’t just apply to children on the spectrum    

– it applies to all children…and to life! He’s exactly the way he is asking people to be, and its catching!”
     – Angela D., Health Care Assistant, United Kingdom

“Although it is focused on autism, many things apply to daily situations and interacting with ‘normal’ children too.

Many points raised here can apply to other context;

teaching pupils who are not autistic but have learning disabilities.”
     – Naomi G., Teacher, Spain

 “Un-missable. The most engaging lecture I have ever attended from a man

who clearly knows what he is talking about.”
     – Lorraine W., Child Development Officer, Scotland

“What a dynamic, loving, fun teacher.  

There is such an eagerness about Raun’s teaching that kept me wondering what would come next.”
     – Audrey W., Financial Consultant, Texas

“Raun is a dynamic teacher.  He grabs my attention the moment he starts to talk.  

He is razor sharp with his insights and wit, and he can turn any comment or

situation into an opportunity to learn. A very gifted teacher.”
     – Wendy E., Pediatrician, Canada

“Raun’s ability to be present in any given moment, really, deeply present and loving, is profound.  

He has a brotherly gravity that puts me and the group at ease.  

He is dynamic and engaging, warm and strong all at once.  

His buoyant and lively energy fills the room and invites us to join.”
     – Ingrid L., Son-Rise Program Volunteer, Washington

“Raun is a great communicator. He is so enthusiastic that you would imagine

this is the first time he’s ever done this talk.

He inspires you with confidence that you can make changes.

I came last year and wanted to come again even though I remembered it really well.”
     – Vicki R., Speech and Language Therapist, England

“Raun is able to bring his warmth, exuberance and enthusiasm over through his

superb command of the English language,

acting ability and deep understanding of what is happening in the

present moment in the group and group discussions.
     –  Clio O., Teacher, Los Angeles

“It was so inspiring to see him and know his initial experience of autism was overcome.

Very insightful, highly inspiring and offered lots of useful ideas.

It offered a much more hopeful perspective on autism than other literature/research.”
     – Aine C., Student, Glasgow, Scotland

“Raun was a pleasure to hear speak.  His intelligence and articulation of ideas was beautifully clear.  

His messages were simple and filled with a sense of purpose.  He brought a sense of loving energy into the room.”
     – Brandi D., Child Facilitator, New York

“Raun’s young and strong style of teaching inspires you to reach out for the flexible and dynamic part of yourself.”
     – Joachim S., Volunteer, Pennsylvania

“Raun to me is HOPE personified. He is all my dreams, wishes, and wants for my child in the flesh!

I find myself looking in amazement at the stage as he speaks his humor, knowledge, love, and conviction

and moves me to the point of tears. Raun is a truly amazing person.”
     – Billy D., Railway Signaler, England

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