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Love Learning Events was created to realise a powerful vision: that every parent or carer of a child with Autism in Australia - indeed the world! - knows about the Son-Rise Program®for Autism, a home-based play therapy created by the Autism Treatment Center of America® and has direct access to learn the life-changing approach. 

As parents of children on the autism spectrum, we fully understand and have first-hand experience of being on this autism journey. We have experienced the despair of having our dreams for our child dashed after a diagnosis of autism and the hours of searching and exploring multiple different therapy options, all with varying degrees of success. We discovered this amazingly loving, incredibly effective play-therapy that has empowered us and helped our children make great leaps in their progress!

We all travelled to the Autism Treatment Center of America® in Sheffield, Massachusetts to attend the parent-training courses held there, and learnt many useful techniques that we were able to use to help our children immediately. We have seen wonderful and significant improvements in our children’s social interaction, communication and self-help skills which were previously unimaginable, and are compelled to share this gift with other parents in Australia.

We believe that all of our children, families and humanity will be changed for the better by embracing the principles of the Son-Rise Program for Autism.

Love Learning Events is guided by the principles of the Son-Rise Program®.


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Angela and her husband Dave had the good fortune to discover the Son-Rise Program® early in their journey as parents of a child on the autism spectrum. Their son, who was 8 at the time, was increasingly unwell and overwhelmed and struggled in social situations. It was their doctor who recommended the program to them: she believed it to be the most respectful of the child of any approach she had seen.


Angela travelled immediately to the USA to learn the Son-Rise techniques and begin their home-based program. It was a turning point for them and their family of three children as they felt empowered, for the first time, by a new and deep understanding of the challenges they and their son faced. 

Ten years on, after providing a solid foundation for their son's recovery and growth, the Son-Rise Program® principles are still central to the way they live their lives. 


Following her passion for the Son-Rise Program® and its methods, Angela continued studying and gained certification as an Option Process Mentor in 2017, principally to be of support to Son-Rise families in Australia.

Dave and Angela are thrilled to be instrumental in bringing the senior staff of the Autism Treatment Centre of America to teach the Son-Rise Program® in Australia.


Roz is a mum to 5 children, one of whom was diagnosed with autism at age 5. Experiencing limited progress and answers from traditional methods of therapy, Roz kept looking —  searching and hoping for something more.

During a desperate search of the shelves of 'Autism help' books at her local library, Roz found one titled “Autism Breakthrough" by Raun K. Kaufman. Inscribed in the front were the words 'Donated by a family forever changed by the contents of this book'. Roz immediately felt the hope of another Autism mum and knew it was a path worth pursuing. This book led to her discovering the Son-Rise Program® for Autism, run by the Autism Treatment Centre of America, in Massachusetts, USA.


One year on they are still learning, still progressing and now sharing with other families looking for hope and change.

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