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Love Learning Events.
Helping Families Out.
Hosting the Son-Rise Program.


What Is The Son-rise Program® ?

Hello everyone.

As we were unable to proceed with our planned events for 2020, we have postponed them until 2021.

Our presenters and Son-Rise teachers, Raun K. Kaufman and Kate C. Wilde, remain very committed and excited to bring the Son-Rise Program Start-Up to Australia in 2021 and we will be supporting them in creating a new event next year, depending, of course, on the world situation next year.

We realise that ideally, you could get help right now, in your homes. So we would like to support you and your family with some immediate help with a free webinar with Raun K. Kaufman. Come along and spend 90 minutes with Raun who will teach you 3 strategies to help you and your child immediately. Please go to the Webinar Registration page.

We wish you all love and comfort and ease as we all manage these times of uncertainty together. Enjoy the sunshine! And be well!


Angela Bambach and the team at Love Learning Events.

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Samahria Kaufman & Raun Kaufman

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The Son-rise Program®
Life-changing Tools for Autism Parents

What Is The Son-rise Program® ?

The Son-Rise Program® is a unique approach to autism treatment offering parents highly effective educational techniques, strategies and principles for designing, implementing and maintaining a stimulating, high-energy, one-on-one, home-based, child-centred program.

The Son-Rise Program was developed in the 1970s by two parents, Bears and Samahria Kaufman, who were determined to see opportunity for their son, Raun, who was diagnosed with “severe autism” and tested as having an IQ of less than 30. Along with this diagnosis, the Kaufmans were given a long list of things their son would never do, eg speak to them, go to school, have friends, learn to take care of himself etc. Doctors even recommended they institutionalise him and focus on their other children.

Instead of following this advice, the Kaufmans had a deep conviction to believe in their child’s capacity to learn. They followed their hearts and developed a powerful attitudinal approach and effective techniques that created deep connection with their little boy.

Raun went on to fully recover from autism, excelling academically at school and university and in his work and personal life. He is now an internationally re-knowned speaker and teacher of the Son-Rise Program® for Autism, teaching the very same powerful techniques used by his parents, to thousands of parents the world over to help them connect with and help their own children grow and learn.

With the benefit of hindsight we now see that the Kaufmans were well ahead of the times.  Believing in Raun’s ability to change and learn and grow, they were operating at the cutting-edge of what is now widely acknowledged and studied: neuro-plasticity.

For more information about the Son-Rise Program® and how it can help you and your child.


Upcoming Events — 


Autism Help
Lecture Series

Join International Autism Lecturer, Director for Global Education and Senior Teacher for The Son-Rise Program®, Raun K. Kaufman for his 2 hour interactive Autism Help Lecture.

During this entertaining and heartfelt presentation you will learn about the powerful strategies developed by Raun’s parents that helped him emerge from profound autism over 40 years ago and which are the foundation for the Son-Rise Program® for Autism which helps thousands of families all over the world today.

Come along and learn some techniques that you can take home and put into practice to immediately help your child. 


Program® Start-Up

A 5-day group training program that teaches you the tools necessary to design and implement your own home-based Son-Rise Program®, as well as the skills and attitude to support your child’s growth in all areas of learning, communication, development and skill acquisition. What makes the Son-Rise Program® so different?

The Son-Rise Program® was the first to suggest that children with these diagnoses have the potential for extraordinary healing and growth. The Son-Rise Program® is an innovative educational modality which includes “joining” children instead of going against them. The Program establishes parents as the key teachers, therapists and directors of their own programs and utilises the home as the most nurturing environment in which to help their children.


Presenters — 


Raun K.Kaufman


Kate C. Wilde

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“I, for the first time, think that having a special child is a joy and not a tragedy, and that we can move mountains through love and acceptance. My son and I are on a wonderful journey together and I hope it never ends.”

Kirstin H. Occupation: Homemaker, England Child: Innes John  Diagnosis: Autism

Welcome to Love Learning Events

Love Learning Events was created in 2019 by a Son-Rise family for the purpose of hosting the Son-Rise Program® in Australia.

We are a small group of Son-Rise families and supporters, volunteering to bring about our vision.

It is our dream that every parent or carer of a child with autism - whatever their age - will know about the Son-Rise Program® and have access to this life-changing and empowering training. Enjoy!

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