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What parents say...

“Our world fell apart…I’m a special educator, I’m a developmental therapist. My daughter Emma had no problem-solving skills, she couldn’t read any body language and she didn’t use gestures. She wasn’t actually playing with children, she was playing beside children. There were really big meltdowns that involved violence. She would get angry and she would cry and then she would start to push us, and then she would start to grab us, and then she would start to scratch us. It was 45 minutes, an hour…sometimes 3 hours. Now, we have a child who plays with her peers, is successful in the community and does all kinds of things. She’s starting to be really flexible. She is just an amazing little girl who can negotiate and is so confident and capable. We’ve been really, really, really blessed to have done a Son-Rise Program with Emma. We’re in the end stages of that, we expect that within about a year she’ll be done with The Son-Rise Program and she will lose her autism diagnosis.”
   – Ellen S., Special Educator and Developmental Therapist; ME Child: Emma, Age: now 10 yrs, 
                   Diagnosis: High-Functioning Autism

“Before the Autism Treatment Center of America®, I was frustrated beyond belief. Everyone would offer a speedy diagnosis along with a grim prognosis but NO HELP! No information on how to help my child and being told it was out of our hands. The Son-Rise Program® was like a road back home. I know my child better than any professional—The Son-Rise Program let me use my power to reach my son and be awed by him. He’s already doing things 6 months into the program that were deemed impossible.”
   – Shelley B. Occupation: Mom State: Texas Child: Hank, 3 years old Diagnosis: PDD

“I, for the first time, think that having a special child is a joy and not a tragedy, and that we can move mountains through love and acceptance. My son and I are on a wonderful journey together and I hope it never ends.”     

    – Kirstin H. Occupation: Homemaker Country: England Child: Innes John, 6 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“The Son-Rise Program® has helped me connect with my stepson in a way that I didn’t think was possible in only a few months time. Now, a year later, we are a family instead of me being an extra shadow in the room. By using the Son-Rise principles, he is growing and getting more and more social abilities every week. And by using the Son-Rise principles, I am myself growing towards being the best parent I can imagine for both my children.”
     – Suzanne Lena Pipers, Singer, Netherlands Child’s Name: De / Age: 11 / Diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder

“If The Son-Rise Program® has come to you or if you have found the program      – that is because it is meant for you. Don’t hesitate – what you have found is a perfect place with people who are in love with helping you and helping your child. The staff and the parents who come to the Autism Treatment Center of America® take an incredible journey together that is safe, non-judgmental and have support for when you go home so that you get as much support as you need.”
     – Gertruth Handelman, Retired, Canada Child’s Name: Ethan / Age: 5 / Diagnosis: PDD & NOS

“The Son-Rise Program® is not just a therapy, it is also a lifestyle. This teaches you that your life, your child is not a disaster. It shows you how to embrace and love more freely. This loving, accepting attitude breaks down the walls of autism. It helps your child grow to love interaction with people, rather than just cold learning.”
     – Gordon Smith, Printer, Australia Child’s Name: Neri Age: 10 Diagnosis: Autism

“The Son-Rise Program® has allowed me to look into myself and uncover the true me. I know that when I find my own voice that my son will find his. The Son-Rise Program is teaching me how to find my own voice!”
     – Heather Aschmann, Son-Rise Mom, New Jersey Child’s Name: Adrian Age: 6 Diagnosis: PDD

“Imagine life without any hope, with nothing to look forward to but silence and loneliness. That was what our beautiful daughter had before we heard of The Son-Rise Program®. Now she has love, happiness and expectations, which were unimaginable to us. Thank you all.”
     – Jeff B. Country: United Kingdom Child: 6 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“The Son-Rise Program® gives the parents of an autistic child the attitude and the skills to help them realize their child’s true potential. If you feel you can reach the stars, you can achieve miracles!”
     – Nick A. Country: Scotland Child: 4 years old Diagnosis: Autism

“After offering our son to the normal school programs and processes, with little or no improvements, we dove into The Son-Rise Program®. Within months, our son was improving in all areas; speech, social skills, flexibility, smile and loving his family. The Son-Rise Program is the answer to inviting a child who is autistic into our world. It works. The program empowers, strengthens, and gives more hope and positive results and support through other parents and staff than any program on the planet. Son-Rise is the answer and gift for parents and child.”
     – Chris McDonald, Occupational Safety, Arkansas Child’s Name: Conner Age: 6 Diagnosis: Autism

What doctors say...

"I was there in person when Raun K. Kaufman's miraculous story began. His full recovery from severe autism - through The Son-Rise Program® that his parents developed to reach him - changed my life and the life of my daughter, who showed all the signs of early stage autism. Today she thrives because I knew exactly what to do: ignore all of the dire predictions and immerse her in precisely the principles and techniques described in their program. I couldn't recommend this program more enthusiastically - not only for those who love a child or adult with challenges, but for all parents and professionals. The Son-Rise Program® turns the all-powerful principle of unconditional love into a practical blueprint that anyone can follow."

 - Dr Wayne Dyer, best selling author of The Power of Intention


“The techniques taught by the Kaufmans have pofoundly changed my podiatry practice and the way I relate to patients. The stress of both my patients and myself have been vastly reduced as a direct result of using these techniques, and for tha, I am very grateful.”

   - Alan K, D. P.M., Clinical Instructor, Departmetn of Surgery, University of Wisconsin

“The Son-Rise Program® was the only program we sought or needed to bring our boy back. Once we discovered it, we saw no reason to look elsewhere. Paul has always been happy, but now he is happy with us rather than just with himself. He is talkative, bright and interactive now where previously he seemed gifted but odd. My wife and I have grown as much as Paul through this journey and feel intensely grateful that we found it through The Son-Rise Program.”
     – Andrew S. Occupation: Orthopedic Surgeon State: Tennessee Child: Paul, 5 years old Diagnosis: Autism

What complementary health practitioners say...

The Son-Rise Program®has the added component of the attitude that you approach the child with and I never saw that attitude exhibited as a whole by ABA therapists, it’s not something that was ever trained. My client, William, was completely non-verbal. He would try as hard as he could to stay away from you. [One day] he was jumping on the trampoline when I got to his house and I just started jumping next to him and really joining him in it, and loving it, and he immediately started looking at me and he was a child who very rarely had looked at me when I worked with him in ABA. Then I told him ‘You can tell me jump’ and he said ‘Ju!’ I took a little break and when I came back he ran over to me and said ‘Jump!’ More even than the fact that he started speaking to me was the fact that he was looking at me with a smile and wanting to be with me. It just really showed me that attitude makes all the difference.”     

      – Meredith D., Former ABA Therapist, VA

“The Son-Rise Program® gives you hope, makes hope possible, gives you the concrete means and hows to realize your hopes and objectives, and gives you a lot of support from teachers and peers. In fact, it makes happiness possible in the face of all difficulties and hardships, and above all, makes you a better person. I suggest it not only to parents, but to professionals especially.”
      – Franca L. Occupation: Physical Therapist Country: Italy

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