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Autism Help Webinar

3 Powerful and Simple Steps

To Help Your Child TODAY

Welcome to all Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Island Visitors to

Love Learning Events and The Son-Rise Program® for Autism!


Many of you will know that due to travel restrictions we recently postponed all of our live events planned for 2020. We were not satisfied to simply postpone our events til 2021

because we know that it’s NOW more than ever that you could benefit

from the support of the Son-Rise Program® and community.


In addition to the free webinar, and with our desire to offer you help NOW at top of mind,

we have created a wonderful chance to experience an

amazing world-first discounted price for the Son-Rise Program® Online

BUT only for registered attendees of the webinar or those

who had already purchased tickets to one of our 2020 events.


To receive 66% off the Son-Rise Program®Online

enter promo code: LLE2020


This special offer will only be available until

the 21st of April at 2pm (NSW Sydney time)

The full price of the Son-Rise Program®Online is normally US$1,275 
Love Learning Events has been able to secure YOUR price for US$423 

This is a MASSIVE US$852 SAVINGS!!!

We are very grateful for the generosity of 

The Autism Treatment Centre of America® in helping us offer this price. 


Through this breakthrough online autism program, we have seen children:

  • Learn to speak for the first time, or if the child is verbal, engage in natural, reciprocal conversations.

  • Develop deep and meaningful relationships, no matter how disconnected they were at the start.

  • Reduce and eliminate tantrums, aggression and other challenging behaviors.

  • Experience real happiness, satisfaction, and love.

  • Live a full life that includes making close friends, college, dates, sports, and jobs.


In The Son-Rise Program Online, 
you’ll get 9 months of online training materials including:

  • 30-Modules with specific areas of learning and growth for your child

  • Our Step-By-Step Social Developmental Model to follow

  • Daily & weekly guidance, support, and inspiration throughout your journey

  • Video Demonstrations that bring The Son-Rise Program Strategies to life

  • Parent guides and worksheets

  • An animated friend “Billy” to illustrate concepts

  • Activities & Games

This special offer will only be available until

the 21st of April at 2pm (NSW Sydney time)

About the Speaker

Raun K. Kaufman

Raun K. Kaufman is the International Autism Lecturer, Director of Global Education, and Senior Teacher for The Son-Rise Program® at The Autism Treatment Center of America.

As a child, Raun himself was diagnosed by multiple experts as severely autistic, with an IQ below 30, and destined to spend his life in an institution. Years later, Raun graduated from Brown University with a degree in Biomedical Ethics and has become a passionate and articulate international lecturer, author and teacher to families with children on the autism spectrum.


Love Learning Events was created in 2019 by a Son-Rise family

for the purpose of hosting the Son-Rise Program® in Australia.

We are a small group of Son-Rise families and supporters,

volunteering to bring about our vision.

It is our dream that every parent or carer of a child with autism

- whatever their age - will know about the Son-Rise Program®

and have access to this life-changing and empowering training. Enjoy!

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